Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

Post by Kitty Pryde on Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:13 pm

Frequently asked questions.

I don't understand anything.
This isn't really a question but you should probably start reading therules and the guide for new users, 99,99% of questions you might have are there.

Why don't you use the actors from the movies as faceclaims?
Because most of them look nothing like the characters.

Can /I/ use the actor cast for my character?
You ~can~, if it's not taken.

Can we write in the movie ver—

But the MCU—

I think replies should be at least x-number lines long.
Quality over quantity. Also screens are different, what you read as 10 lines may be 5 for me. It's all about consistence. If we're writing a script-long thread then replies will be short, if we're writing long paragraphs replies should match.

Can I use myself/someone I know/a cosplayer/youtuber as faceclaim?
No. It's creepy and misses the purpose of using a faceclaim.

Avatars and signature have to be comic images or faceclaim pictures?
Either or both! Be creative~

More questions to be added, if you think there's a question that should be answered and added please do message us.

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