Ra rules.

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Ra rules.

Post by Krakoa on Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:20 am


001. Respect amongst the members of the community is fundamental and imperative, that being said any kind of offensive, disrespectful and/or oppressive behaviour —explicit or implicit— will not be tolerated. This includes personal disliking, attacking someone for their religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexism, racism, xenophobia, etc, and does not exclude anything alike. Offensive users will be immediately banned.
002. Spamming is not allowed. Contentless posts regarding the threads topics will be considered spam, same goes for publiciting other sites and messages of this nature will be deleted.  
003. The staff is always open to suggestions.
004. Please register your character(s) with a first and last name. We aim for consistency, and it looks better when every character's name is in the same format. Don't worry if you mess up! Just PM any admin and we'll be happy enough to change it for you.
005. When using colours make sure it's readable.
006. Prior to your character getting accepted, please do not post in any other board apart from the registration board, claims and enquiries. We're pretty fast at checking everything!
007. Grammar is a must. No texting-kind-of-writing (unless roleplaying in character text messages)  
008. Do not godmod. You write your character, your partner theirs. Period.
009. The Uncanny is rated M for Mature. Obviously we will have mature and sometimes triggering themes given the nature of the many subjects Marvel Comics portrays. Cursing is allowed in-character, and so are intimate scenes. We just request for you to label your topic title or description with an 'M' or 'R' if such things happen, because some people don't feel comfortable coming upon them.
010. When playing a canon, we require you to be active. Canons that have been inactive for more than two weeks without an absence thread posted, or four weeks with an absence thread posted, will be opened again to the general public. If a guest proves to be interested in your inactive canon character, you will be given a week to get a tagged thread up before we let up your canon. We're understanding and pretty slow ourselves as well, just keep in touch with the forum so we know you haven't dropped everything and we'll be fine.
011. Original characters are welcomed! Be sure to make sure all of your characters are active if you have many, otherwise we'll strongly suggest you to drop some. Not to forget, try to keep the gender ratio even!    
012. We require all characters to have at least an avatar. All avatars have to be 100 by 100 pixels, and if you want to put a signature, just don't stretch the board - meaning, don't have your image height more than 300px. Or something along those lines. Also, try not to stretch images, because it doesn't look pleasing to the eye. Admins reserve a right to inform you of such issues. Though, if you think you can't make graphics to save your skin, just PM an admin or post in the ooc area and someone will probably help.
013. Meanwhile picking a faceclaim isn't /imperative/ it's highly suggested. Comic art can be beautiful but different artists aren't always true to the characters' physical descriptions and even when a faceclaim may have pictures with different hairstyles/colors, their face will always be the same (unless they've gone full Lindsay Lohan, but you get the point) and this gives writers some consistency in the appareance of the character they're writing.

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